Founded in March 2021, Caged Steel Communities is a Community Interest Company that has been formed to benefit the community through the pursuit of a social purpose.

We seek to help as many people as possible live an active, healthy lifestyle.

We have combined the teaching of Martial Arts with essential life skills and kickboxing to create a programme that challenges physical fitness, poor diet, and mental wellbeing.


It has never been more important to build a set of essential skills to succeed in life for our children and young people.

Teach the ability to creatively solve problems, to self-manage, to communicate effectively, and to work well with others.

Improve physical health, challenge childhood obesity and poor diet.

Promote living an active, healthy lifestyle.

Improve mental wellbeing, combating social isolation by reducing loneliness and increasing personal confidence by participating in group activities.

Martial Arts crosses all social boundaries and everyone is treated equal regardless of age, social class, background, or disadvantage.

Feedback from Class Base 3 teacher Bader Academy

“The sessions focuses the students and teaches them discipline. Every week, no matter how they are feeling the students put on their t-shirts and belts and are excited for the session. The trainers personalise sessions and have learnt about the needs of individuals. Concentration of students, co-odination, gross motor skills and balance have all improved. It has also had a positive influence on the students mental health.”


Introduce essential skills though delivering martial arts technical and fitness classes, both in school and the community.

Reward and recognitions are integral in the programme;

For primary school children they are taught from beginner, white belt and could earn six stripes on their white belt. Some children may be able to grade for their yellow belt if they choose to continue their martial arts journey, beyond the programme.

Our young people, will also start from white belt, however they can not only achieve the yellow belt but go beyond during the programme, they will take part in formal gradings as part of the programme.

It is our hope that through our activities and programmes, children, young people, and adults will adopt the learning and embed it within their everyday life, both physically and mentally.

Feedback from Class Base 4 teacher Bader Academy

“The young people in Base 4 have particularly enjoyed the learning targets within each session. They have benefited from having the sticker charts which show what they have been working towards and achieved.

Caged Steel has taught our young people what it means to reflect, be determined and enthusiastic whilst applying effort. Attending the Martial Arts sessions has also been an amazing opportunity for some of the boys in my base who have never accessed extracurricular activities, such as this due to their needs”


After every Caged Steel Martial Arts lesson, a full digital summary is provided which outlines what activities have been completed, the value taught and the essential skills covered. We include photographs and achievements, as well as participant feedback and staff comments.


Gul Nawaz Hussain KC (Naz)

Health, Wellbeing and Active Citizenship Is a barrister specialising in high profile and complex criminal defence cases. A lifelong martial artist, Naz attributes a significant degree of his success to the confidence, discipline and skills taught to him at the legendary Wicker Camp Muay Thaiboxing gym. As such, joining and supporting Caged Steel Communities was an easy decision.

Faye Jordan

Programme management and commercial responsibilities, Safeguarding and community Engagement.

With previous experience of international event management and business development working with one of the world leading pharmaceutical companies. Faye’s experience allows a commercial view to be cast over the organisation, ensuring the CIC can meet it’s funded activities.

Rebecca Holt FRSA

Education, partnerships and primary skills joined us from across the pond, with a wealth of experience as an Educational volunteer with a wide range of skills and experience for across the sectors. Making Rebecca the perfect fit to support the Education and primary skills sector, enabling us to challenge, inspire and motivate our community.

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